Network Drive

Whether you need to store classified information, or just need file access from multiple locations, Princeton's personal and Departmental network drives are built with security in mind.

Approved Classification Levels

In keeping with Princeton's requirements, especially as it relates to Restricted information, data is automatically encrypted when housed within the personal and departmental network drives on the University's Central File Server (CFS). 

Personal and Departmental Storage

  • Personal H: Drive: CFS facilitates easy sharing, moving, and storage of your personal files from any location. The H: Drive includes up to 5GB* of storage for students, faculty, and staff. Connect to your CFS H: Drive using a Mac or Windows device.
  • Departmental M: Drive: To support departmental and cross-departmental file-sharing and collaboration, OIT also provides a separate departmental drive. Learn more about the M: Drive, including how to connect.
  • Princeton ​Google Drive: In addition to the above, up to 30GB of cloud-based storage is available via Princeton's Google Drive. (Note that Google Drive may NOT be used to store Restricted information.)

Security: Setting Permissions & Locking Your Drive

When you store information on your H: or M: Drive, it is important to limit unauthorized access.

Learn more:

*Students in the Class of 2017 and beyond will receive 500MB of Central File Server space.