Secure Remote Access

When you're away from campus, but need to share or access Princeton information, the Secure Remote Access System (SRA)—also known as VPN—protects both you and the University's servers and network. SRA is a virtual connection that routes all Internet activity from your computer through Princeton's servers, no matter where you are in the world. 

When to Use Secure Remote Access

When sharing or accessing University information from off-campus—especially when on wifi in a public place, or when sharing Restricted or Confidential information—use SRA. SRA provides anytime access to the University network. It also leverages existing network security tools, including the firewall. This helps safeguard information through:

  • Secure delivery: Personal and Princeton information is safely delivered in accordance with firewall rules
  • Restricted access: Unwanted traffic is kept off of Princeton's servers
  • Access to Princeton-specific services: Use the services you need without compromising the network

How to Use It

Princeton faculty, staff, or students who wish to use restricted University resources off campus must use SRA. To connect, you use the application SonicWall Mobile Connect.

Need to install SRA for the first time? Choose from the following guides:

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